Digital Literacy Initiative

The Writing Program is leading efforts to promote digital literacy at the University and beyond. The Carolina Digital Literacy Initiative brings together partners at UNC-Chapel Hill to help students become critical consumers and creative producers of digital communication. These efforts also feature partnerships with Adobe Enterprises and leverage the access to technology provided by the Carolina Computing Initiative


Our efforts are leading to the integration of digital literacy and significant digital projects in English 105, first-year writing courses. Students learn to identify appropriate modes and media for any communication situation, make decisions about responsible uses of intellectual property, understand ethical issues in our contemporary communications landscape, and critically evaluate the messages they encounter in a networked world. And key to all of these efforts is helping students become active producers of digital knowledge. Students engage with a range of technologies to create and share compositions using print, visual, audio, and video media. They learn to use contemporary composing tools to develop ideas and create projects and engage with the public.