Sharon James

Hire Date:   1 999


Associate Professor of Classics
Adjunct Professor of Comparative Literature



Sharon L. James received her doctorate in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Berkeley, with a dissertation on parents and children in Homer, Vergil, and Dante.  She is an associate professor of Classics and an adjunct member of the Comparative Literature program at UNC Chapel Hill.

Her areas of scholarly specialization are Latin poetry; women and gender in antiquity, particularly women in Rome; New Comedy; and Italian epic. Further areas of interest include new approaches to classics, including feminism and literary theory; gender in Greek tragedy; family and social organization in Homer; the Renaissance Italian New Comedy of Machiavelli and Ariosto.

In summer 2012, Professor James co-directed, with Professor Tim Moore (Washington University in St. Louis; UNC Classics Ph.D., 1986), an NEH Summer Institute entitled “Roman Comedy in Performance.”  This Institute experimented with offering different versions of selected scenes from Roman comedy (PseudolusBacchidesCasinaEunuchusMercatorPersaTruculentus). Participants (faculty and graduate students in Classics, Theater, Religious Studies, and History) produced twenty performed scenes from Roman Comedy, six of them in Latin.

After a year on-line, the videos have been viewed more than 12,500 times, in 106 countries.

The perfomances can be seen here.

More information about the Institute can be found at these two websites: