Margaret O'Shaughnessey

Phone:   962-4039
Office:   Greenlaw 501
Curriculum Vitae:   Microsoft Office document icon oshaughnesseycv.doc
Hire Date:   1 998


Senior Lecturer


PhD. Duke University, Durham, NC 1989 

M.A. Duke University, Durham, NC 1981 

B.A. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, 1978


My major interests have been in American and medieval literatures. From the medieval world, I have particularly enjoyed working with Arthurian literature, especially in its nineteenth and twentieth-century manifestations in American literature and art.

I have also been working with Native American literature, including social and cultural issues, as well as investigating trends in American nature writing and environmentalism. By altering the perspective from which we look at even traditional texts, our understanding of our own culture is both enhanced and enriched.

In all of my work, I have been concerned with the relationship between literature and art and have endeavored to bring this pairing not only into publications but also into the classroom.