Megan Matchinske

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Office:   Greenlaw 534
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Ph. D., University of California, San Diego, 1993
M.A., University of California, San Diego, 1990
A.B., Duke University, 1979


My first book, Writing, Gender and State in Early Modern England: Identity Formation and the Female Subject, was published in 1998 with Cambridge University Press in Cambridge Studies in Renaissance Literature and Culture, volume 26. A second book project, Women Writing History in Early Modern England, growing out of my interest in history and historical trajectory, came out in 2009, also with Cambridge.


My current research involves an edition (part of the Other Voice series) that focuses on the Mary Carleton bigamy trials and a book project that examines moments of rupture in historical memory—interruptions to and failures in political, religious, economic or cultural transfer in early modern culture. In the scholarly investigation that I am describing here I want to think about how early modernity deals with historical loss and how women in particular accept or deny erasures of the past. Informed by the work of Paul Ricoeur—this study explores the relationship between forgiving and forgetting as both are epistemologically constructed within and across domains in seventeenth-century England.

Recent Work Includes:

“Mary Carleton, Bigamist: The Choice of Authorship and the Challenge of Authority,” in The Cambridge History of Early Modern Women’s Writing, ed. Patricia Phillippy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) (under contract)

“Channeling the Gender Debate: Legitimation and Agency in Seventeenth-Century Women’s Poetry,” in The History of British Women’s Writing, ed. Mihoko Suzuki, vol. 3, Houndsmill: Palgrave, 2015

 “Women’s Kinship Networks: A Meditation on Creative Genealogies and Historical Labor,” with Michelle Dowd, Julie Eckerle, and Jennifer Kopalcoff, in Attending to Early Modern Women: Remapping Routes and Spaces, ed. Merry Weisner Hanks et al., Delaware: Associated University Presses, 2015

 “Anne Clifford,” Oxford Bibliographies in Renaissance and Reformation, ed. Margaret King (New York: Oxford University Press);

Teaching Awards

Graduate mentoring awards (department), 2011, 2000