Gregory Flaxman

Phone:   (919) 962-4043
Office:   Greenlaw 508
Curriculum Vitae:   PDF icon Flaxman.pdf
Hire Date:   2 003

Administrative or staff position:  
Director of Global Cinema Minor


Associate Professor, Department of English 
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies
Affiliated faculty, Program in Cultural Studies


PhD Comparative Literature, University of Pennsylvania (2003)
MA Film Studies, University of Iowa (1997)
MA English, University of Minnesota (1995)
BA English, University of Michigan (1991)


Gregory Flaxman is the Director of Global Cinema Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, where he is an Associate Professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature. An adjunct professor in the Department of Communication Studies, he is on the advisory board of the Program in Cultural Studies and is affiliated with American Studies.

Flaxman’s research broadly concerns the relationship between art—especially cinema, literature, and more recently, painting—and philosophy. The author of Gilles Deleuze and the Fabulation of Philosophy (Minnesota, 2011) and the editor of The Brain is the Screen (Minnesota, 2000), he is currently finishing a book on cinema and philosophy, collaborating on another devoted to “cinematic thinking,” and co-editing an anthology of philosophical writings on the cinema (“from Bergson to Badiou”). At the same time, he is co-editing a collection devoted to biopolitics in post-disciplinary societies.

Recent and forthcoming work include essays on William and Henry James (“A More Radical Empiricism” for Deleuze and Pragmatism [Routledge 2014]), on Antoinin Artaud (for the Cambridge Companion to Film and Philosophy [Cambridge 2014]), and on the fate of film studies (“Out of Field: The Future of Film Studies” in Angelaki [2013]). This spring, Flaxman will be a visiting professor in the Department of Philosophy at Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense before beginning a Mellon New Directions Fellowship dedicated to the researching the genealogy of off-screen space that runs from the painterly to the photomechanical to the digital arts.


Ph.D. (2003), University of Pennsylvania, Comparative Literature

M.A. (1997), University of Iowa, Film Studies (Communications)

M.A. (1995), University of Minnesota, English

B.A. (1991), University of Michigan, English


Principal Areas of Expertise

Cinema: Film and Genre Theory; Classical and Post-Classical American Cinema

Theory: Philosophy and Critical Theory; Art History and Aesthetics; Psychoanalysis

Literature: Postwar American Fiction; Postcolonial Literature; Narratology


Selected Fellowships and Grants

2014-2015     Mellon Foundation New Direction Fellowship ($250,000)

2010-2013     Australian Research Council Grant for “Film and Philosophy” (with Lisa Trahair and Robert Sinnerbrink) ($150,000)

2008-2010     Grant for Interdisciplinary Initiatives (UNC-Chapel Hill)

2008-2009     John Hope Franklin Foundation Fellowship (Duke University)

2007               Chapman Teaching Fellowship, Institute of Arts and Humanities (UNC-Chapel Hill)

2007               Center for European Studies Faculty/Student Research Award (UNC-Chapel Hill)

2006               Spray-Randleigh Fellowship (UNC-Chapel Hill)

2001-2002     Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Award (Paris, France)


Selected Honors and Awards

2011               UNC Distinguished Teaching and Mentoring Award for Post-Baccalaureate Study

2010               Association of Graduate Student, Award for Dissertation Direction

2008               UNC Undergraduate Teaching Award (SUTASA)

2007               Association of Graduate English Students, Mentoring Award

1999-2000     University of Pennsylvania, Dean’s Award for Distinguished Teaching

1999-2000     Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Graduate Students


Graduate Courses Designed and Taught

ENGL 891       Transcendence and Immanence

ENGL 680       Cinema and Painting

ENGL 893       The Philosophy of Romantic Comedy

ENGL 680       Cinema and Painting

ENGL 680       Film Pedagogy Workshop

ENGL 680       Seminar on Cinema and Pedagogy

ENGL 862       Seminar on Utopia

ENGL 735       Proseminar on Postcolonial Literature

ENGL 662       Psychoanalysis and Schizoanalysis

ENGL 216       Proseminar on American Literature 1870-Present

ENGL 141       Introduction to Theory—On Truth and Lying     

ENGL 391       The Anthropology of Power

ENGL 291       Introduction to Semiotics—Signs, Signifiers, and Cinema


Undergraduate Courses Designed and Taught

CMPL 490      American Comedy, American Democracy, American Cinema

CMPL 390      Film Genre Undergraduate Seminar: The Western

CMPL 390      Film and Nature

ENGL 380       Film History

ENGL 580       Introduction to Film Theory

CMPL 131      Introduction to Comparative Literature: The Baroque

CMPL 131      Introduction to Comparative Literature: Savages, Strangers, Natives, and Others

ENGL 262       Introduction to Literary Theory

ENGL 49         Honors Seminar on Secrecy and Conspiracy

ENGL 90         Introduction to Cultural Studies

ENGL 27         Romantic Comedy

ENGL 142       Film Analysis


Directed Dissertations (Completed)

2013 Ben Rogerson, “Art/Work: White Collar Creativity, 1960-1970”

2013 Abraham Geil (Duke University) , “The Politics and Cinematics of Recognition” (with Mark Hansen)

2012 Elena Oxman, “‘Images Without Metaphor’: Re-Visioning French Film Theory”  with John McGowan)

2011 Leslie Davison “A Case for Modernism: Freud and Bloomsbury” (with Erin Carlston)

2010 Gerald Miller “Variables of the Human: Theoretical Utopianisms and Heterotopian Science Fictions”


Directed Dissertations (in Progress)

Scott Dill, “The Sacred Secular: The Moral Institution of the Post-War American Novel”

(with Florence Dore) 

Elise Harris (“The Signs of French Film Criticism”) (with Inga Pollman)

Anna Levett (“Sufism and Modernism”) (with miriam cooke)

Jessica Martell “’In Formless and Appetite’: Modernist Form and the Foodscape of Imperial England” (co-directed with Michael Valdez Moses)

Jacob Watson (Untitled) (with Florence Dore)


Interest Tags

Teaching Awards

Distinguished Teaching Award for Post-Baccalaureate Teaching and Mentoring, 2011
Coleags (Department Association of Graduate Students) Award for Mentoring PhD students, 2010
UNC Undergraduate Teaching Award (SUTASA), 2008 
Association of Graduate English Students, Mentoring Award, 2007