Kathleen Flanagan

Email:   ktflanag@email.unc.edu
Office:   Greenlaw 427
Curriculum Vitae:   PDF icon Flanagan-cv-2014.pdf



Affiliated Faculty, Global Studies


Kathleen Flanagan regularly teaches about literatures from current and former United States territories in the Pacific such as Hawaii, Guam, the Republic of Palau, Pohnpei, American Samoa, the Philippines, and the Marshall Islands. She teaches courses on world literature in English, focusing on such issues as cultural changes brought about by British colonialism in language and education, as well as the impact of market forces in former British colonies in the Pacific, including Fiji, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tonga, and Samoa. She also has taught courses on women writing about Africa, literary theory, and twentieth-century British and American literature.

She has published on various topics in postcolonial literature, especially from Asia and Oceania, examining, for instance, the reactions in Tongan fiction to transnational forces such as international aid agencies and political movements. Literature from current and former United States territories in the Pacific constitutes a particular interest for her. She has written about representations of U.S. nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands, and about the differing epistemologies of relationships in Palauan and American culture. A study of traders and markets in Oceania as a locus of theories of exchange and relationships in the West and in the Pacific is her current research project. She is also working on texts about the changing political and cultural relationships between the United Stated and nations in Micronesia.