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Administrative or staff position:  
Director of Latina/o Studies



Director of Latina/o Studies, UNC - Chapel Hill, April 2004 onwards


Ph. D., Harvard University, June 1997
M.A., Harvard University, 1988
B.A., Brown University, 1986


Member of the Working Group for the Carolina Latina/o Collaborative, Craige North, Fall 2008 onwards.

Member of the Steering Committee for the Program in Latino/a Studies in the Global South at Duke University, Spring 2006 onwards.

Member of the Latino Journalism & Media at Carolina Advisory Board, School of Journalism and Mass Communiation, April 2009 onwards.

Book manuscripts:
FIRST BOOK: Spain’s Long Shadow: The Black Legend, Off-Whiteness, and Anglo American Empire. Completed Book Manuscript published by the University of Minnesota Press and first available August 7, 2005. 372 pages.

SECOND BOOK: Buenas Noches, American Culture: Latina/o Aesthetics of Night. Completed Book Manuscript published by Indiana University Press and first available July 9, 2012. 494 double-spaced pages, 121,000 words.
Indiana University Press webpage for the book:
Amazon webpage:

THIRD BOOK: Conjuring Worlds: A Queer Phenomenology of the Miniature. 146 pages, 40 photos, 21,368 words. Completed and under consideration with a press. This book is co-authored with Carisa R. Showden, PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science & Women’s and Gender Studies, University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Visiting Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Auckland

Articles/Essays/Other publications:

1. Chapter titled “Four Contemporary Latina/o Writers Ghost the U.S. South” for a volume of essays titled The Oxford Handbook of Literature of the U.S. South, edited by Barbara Ladd and Fred Hobson. To be published January 2016.

2. “Hemingway in the Dirt of a Blood and Soil Myth,” in Imagining Spain: Hemingway and the Spanish World, ed. Carl P. Eby and Mark Cirino (Kent State University Press, 2015).

3. “Mute Figuration of Minikins,” for online publication Mujeres Talk, 4 single spaced pages or 1,472 words. Submitted December 19, 2013. Published February 4, 2014.

4. Testimonial titled “Haunted by the search for an authentic bond: Testimonial on John Rechy’s City of Night,” in The Textual Outlaw: Reading John Rechy in the 21st Century, edited by Manuel M. Martín-Rodríguez, and Beth Hernandez-Jason. Alcalá de Henares (Spain): Instituto Franklin-Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, forthcoming.13 1.5-line-spaced pages or 5,096 words.

5. Essay titled “Una herida abierta: Free Trade’s Bloody Transnational Flows in Alicia Gaspar de Alba’s Desert Blood,” for Revista de Literatura Mexicana Contemporanea (peer reviewed), April – June 2012, no. 53 – Year 18. Submitted March 30, 2012, accepted, and published.

6. Essay on John Rechy’s uses of Swedenborgian sentimentalism in his 1963 novel City of Night, solicited for and published in a volume titled The Sentimental Mode: Essays in Literature, Film, and Television (Jefferson, NC: MacFarland & Company, Inc., 2014) edited by Jenn Williamson and Jennifer Larson. 18 pages, 6,222 words.

7. Article entitled “Emerging Geographies of a Latina/o Studies Program” for Carolina del Norte: Geographies of Latinization in the South, a special issue of The Southeastern Geographer (SEG) edited by Altha Cravey and Gabriela Valdivia, Vol. 51, No. 2 (Summer 2011): 307–26.

8. Essay entitled “Miguel Algarín’s ‘Nuyorican Angels’ of Night and the Critique of Enwhitened Idealism,” in The Turn Around Religion: Literature, Culture, and the Work of Sacvan Bercovitch, ed. Nan Goodman and Michael P. Kramer (Ashgate, 2012), pp. 37–50. ISBN: 978-1-4094-3018-6.

9. Essay entitled “‘Darkness, my night’: The Philosophical Challenge of Gloria Anzaldúa Aesthetics of the Shadow,” in Bridging: How and Why Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa’s Life and Work Transformed Our Own, edited by Gloria González-López and AnaLouise Keating (University of Texas at Austin Press, April 2011). ISBN: 978 – 0292725553.

10. Article entitled “The Photographic Thought of Latina/o Literature and Cultural Critique,” selected from among “Elective Affinities” U. of Pennsylvania conference proceedings, published in the international journal Word & Image (Summer 2009), pp. 355-368. Rodopi is the publisher of this collection of essays. ISBN: 978-90-420-2618-6.

11. Essay entitled “Mass Production of the Heartland: Cuban-American Lesbian Camp in Achy Obejas’s ‘Wrecks’” for New Waves in U.S. Latino/a Literature, edited by Richard Pérez and Lyn DiIorio Sandin (Palgrave, Fall 2007), pp. 247-276. ISBN: 978-1-4039-7999-5.

12. Essay entitled “Attributing the Substance of Collaboration as Michael Field,” in Michael Field and Their World, ed. Margaret D. Stetz and Cheryl A. Wilson (High Wycombe, UK: The Rivendale Press, 2007), pp. 71-81. ISBN: 1-904201-08-3.

13. Article entitled “Night Becomes ‘Latina’: Mariana Romo-Carmona’s Living at Night and the Tactics of Abjection.” Published by Centro: Journal at the Center for Puerto Rican Studies, Hunter College, CUNY, New York, New York (Spring 2007), pp. 90-115. ISBN: 1-878483-77-3.

14. Article entitled “The Historical Night of Desire: Recovering ‘Queer’ Community in [Chicana novelist] Graciela Limón’s The Day of the Moon,” published in a special issue, edited by Frances Aparicio and Alberto Sandoval-Sánchez, of Revista Iberoamericana. Fall 2005, pp. 833-846. ISSN: 00349631.

15. Article entitled “Cosmetizing the American Dream in South Side Chicago: Ana Castillo’s ‘La Miss Rose.’” Accepted and published by the journal Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies. Volume 28. No. 2. Fall 2003, pp. 115–144. Editor Chon Noriega. Published by the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center. ISSN: 0005-2604.

16. Article entitled “The Already Browned Skin of ‘American’ Modernism: Rane Arroyo’s Pale Ramón,” in Midwestern Miscellany, a biannual journal from The Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature (Michigan State University), ed. Bill Barillas. Fall 2002, pp. 15–26. To be republished in Interior Borderlands, ed. Bill Barillas (University of Illinois Press, 2012).

17. Essay entitled “X-ing the Flag,” published in Callaloo: A Journal of African-American and African Arts and Letters, Ed. Charles H. Rowell, Managing Editor Ginger Thornton. For Special Issue (Winter 2001, Vol. 24, No. 1) devoted to “Southern Writers on the Confederate Flag,” Johns Hopkins University Press, pp. 24-28. ISBN: 0161-2492.
18. Essay entitled “Trafficking in the Figure of the Latino,” published in the anthology Trickster Lives: Culture and Myth in American Fiction, ed. Professor Jeanne Campbell Reesman, University of Georgia Press, January 20, 2001, pp. 168-184. ISBN: 0-8203-2277-6.
19. Essay entitled “Terrorism as Terrorific Mimesis in Floyd Salas’s State of Emergency (1996),” published in the anthology Fear Itself: Enemies Real and Imagined in American Culture, Purdue University Press, 1999, pp. 237-249. ISBN: 1-55753-114-5.
20. Essay entitled “Consolidating Anglo-American Imperial Identity around the Spanish-American War (1898)” published as a chapter in the anthology Race and the Invention of Modern American Nationalism edited by Reynolds J. Scott-Childress (Department of History, University of Maryland), Garland Press, 1999, pp. 97-126. ISBN: 0-8153-2016-7.

Co-authored essays:
1. 30 page, 8,366 word essay co-written with Anthony Fernandes (UNC Charlotte), Marta Civil (The University of Arizona), and Altha Cravey (UNC – Chapel Hill) entitled “Educating to Empower Latina/os in Mathematics” for the volume Latinization of K–12 Communities: National Perspectives on Regional Change, edited by Spencer Salas (UNC Charlotte) and Pedro R. Portes (The University of Georgia). Projected publication date is March 2016.
2. Essay co-written with Professor Debbie López entitled “Teaching Martin Eden’s Narrative Acts of Transvaluation” for the volume MLA Approaches to Teaching the Works of Jack London, edited by Kenneth K. Brandt (Savannah College of Art & Design) and Jeanne Campbell Reesman (University of Texas at San Antonio), Spring 2015.
3. Essay co-written with curator Elin O’Hara Slavick on “The Bailout Biennial,” January 15 through April 15, 2009, Golden Belt Arts, Durham, North Carolina, for the electronic journal CultureWork, University of Oregon at Eugene, OR, Fall 2009. To access this essay, please visit the following website:
4. Essay co-written with Professor Debbie López entitled “Algebra of Twisted Figures: Transvaluation in Martin Eden,” published in the volume Jack London: One Hundred Years a Writer, edited by Professor Jeanne Campbell Reesman and Sara S. Hodson, Huntington Library Press, Spring 2002, pp. 98 – 122. ISBN: 0-87328-195-0.
5. Essay co-authored with Jill Casid entitled “Volatilizing Partnership, Ltd.,” published in The CEPA Journal, Spring 2001, edited by Grant Kester, specialist in contemporary art and theory and professor at University of California, San Diego, and published by CEPA Gallery (Center for Exploratory and Perceptual Art. Buffalo, NY), Spring 2001, pp. 9–15 and pp. 42–45. ISBN: 0-939784-26-2.
6. Photo-essay co-written and produced with Jill Casid entitled “The André-Casid-Encarnación-McClanan-Sánchez Family; or, An Outdoor Conversation Piece, Public Landing, Winthrop, MA,” published in the Spring ‘97 Art Journal (Vol. 56, No. 1) special issue edited by Grant Kester, specialist in contemporary art and theory and professor at University of California, San Diego, on “The Relevance and Implications of 18th-century European Aesthetic Philosophy for Contemporary Debates in Culture and the Arts,” pp. 7–16. Art Journal (ISSN 0004 – 3249).
Book Reviews:

Book review of Frederick Luis Aldama’s Postcolonial and Latino Borderland Fiction (Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 2009) for Hispanófila, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC, September 2012.

Book review of Junot’s Díaz’s novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao entitled “What’s Oscar Wao [Oscar Wilde] Doing After Trujillo?” for The Oscholars (electronic journal on research and cultural production about Oscar Wilde), vol. V, No. 1, Issue no. 44: February/March 2008. Website for that review:

Book review of Look Away!:  The U.S. South in New World Studies, edited by Jon Smith and Deborah Cohn for the Mississippi Quarterly 59: 3–4, pp. 652-56, Spring 2008.
Book review of Emma Pérez’s The Decolonial Imaginary: Writing Chicanas into History (Bloomington & Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 1999) in Hispanófila, Issue # 134, January 2002, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC.
Book review of Alicia Arrizón’s Latina Performance: Traversing the Stage (Bloomington & Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 1999) in Hispanófila, Issue #133, September 2001, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC.
Other publications:
Photo-text fiction titled “Where the Tracks Converge,” accepted for issue # 44 (Fall 2014) of Huizache: The Magazine of Latino Literature at CentroVictoria: Center for Mexican American Literature & Culture, University of Houston-Victoria, October 2014. ISSN 2162-4216.
Photo-text fiction (5 photographic images and 1,000 words of text) accepted for the volume Transnational Literature, Gender, and State Power co-edited by Joan Conwell and Gema Ortega. Submitted Spring 2013. Not yet published. 

Photo-text fiction (5 photographic images and 2000 words of text) entitled “A Sequence of Refracted Images of the Americas,” published in the journal Mandorla: Nueva escritura de las Américas / New Writing from the Americas. Mandorla 12 (2009), pp. 291-301. See ISSN: 1550-7432.
Photo-essay co-written and produced with Jill Casid entitled “Soul of Mannequin Under Capitalism” published in IRIS: A Journal about Women, the feminist journal of The University of Virginia, Spring 2000, pp. 25-27.


Book and/or journal covers by María DeGuzmán, Camera Query:

For editors Lázaro Lima's and Felice Picano's book Ambientes: New Queer Latino Writing (The University of Wisconsin Press, 2011); scholar Carisa R. Showden's book Choices Women Make (University of Minnesota Press, 2011); writer Cristina García's book of poetry The Lesser Tragedy of Death (Akashic Books, 2010); poet Glenn Sheldon's book Bird Scarer (Cervena Barva Press, 2008); Bernadette Calafell's Latina/o Communication Studies: Theorizing Performance (Peter Lang Publishing, 2008);Michael Field and Their World, ed. Margaret D. Stetz and Cheryl A. Wilson (Rivendale Press, 2007); Catholic Figures, Queer Narratives, ed. Lowell Gallagher, Frederick S. Roden, and Patricia Juliana Smith (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007); and Yuan Yang: A Journal of Hong Kong and International Writing (2004).

Author photos by María DeGuzmán, Camera Query:

For Cecile Pineda for the back cover of her re-issued novel Frieze (San Antonio, TX: Wings Press, 2007).

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Teaching Awards

2015 - 2016 Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Advocacy from the Comparative Literature and English Association of Graduate Students at UNC Chapel Hill, Sept 2015.

Recognition Award for Faculty Diversity, Achievement, and Success, Dec 2014

Faculty Diversity Award for Promoting Equity on Campus, Spring 2012

Tanner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, 2005