Study Abroad Opportunities

Students majoring or minoring in English or Comparative Literature have numerous opportunities to study outside the United States. From England to Italy to Japan, students can immerse themselves in a foreign culture while adding diversity to their undergraduate careers.
An undergraduate's best resource for spending academic time outside the country is the UNC Study Abroad Office. Below English and Comparative Literature majors/minors reflect on their experiences studying and living abroad.


 Semester at Lancaster University in Northern England
really cool to live in "As an English and Creative Writing student, it was the land where pretty much everything I study took place. I got to visit The Globe, Beatrix Potter's house, and tour Jane Austen's Bath. My program was a direct exchange, so I got to live and go to class with British students. Lancaster has an excellent English and Creative Writing program, so I got to fulfill several major requirements while I was there. The creative writing classes were especially interesting because they were a lot less regimented than the program at UNC. While they included less constructive criticism, I was able to explore the organic process of writing more easily. I backpacked around Europe through six countries and eleven cities in four weeks. By the time I came back to the US I felt like a European Jack Kerouac. Studying abroad has been the most rewarding thing I have done in college, and I HIGHLY recommend the Lancaster program!"
- Annie Josey
Class of 2012, English Major, Creative Writing Minor

Honors Summer Program in Rome

"Traveling to Rome this summer allowed me the unique opportunity to study the inspiration behind familiar literature. It's one thing to read Dante and Petrarch, but an entirely different to enter into discussion about the development of the Italian language as a means to further spread Florentine art throughout the region. The Rome program is an amazing one for any academic discipline, but humanities students are especially able to benefit because of the huge influence of the Renaissance on every facet of study."
- Elizabeth Behar
Class of 2011, History Major and English Minor
"Before I lived in Rome for five weeks, the furthest out of the United States I'd ever been was Canada. For the first week it was mind-blowing to realize I was almost 5000 miles away from home. Studying abroad gives anunusual experience of the local culture: as
a student I felt I was seeing and doing so much more than I ever could have as a tourist. I did all the typical tourist activities, walked through the Colosseum, got lost in Pompeii, visited museums, swam at Italian beaches, went on tours. But I also shopped in Ita lian grocery stores, I lived in an Italian neighborhood, I ate in authentic trattorie, I learned the public transportation system. The literary arts course I took as part of the Honors Rome program perfectly complemented this unique experience of Italian culture."
- Katie Meyer
Class of 2013, English and Information and Library Science Major

Semester at Oxford University in England

At St Edmund Hall in Oxford University, The Christopher Mead Armitage and Pauline Brooks Armitage Scholarship provides the Michaelmas (Fall) Term free for a UNC-CH undergraduate majoring in the Humanities. In its first five years the winners were juniors majoring in English, Economics, and Global Studies. A minimum GPA of 3.7 is required. Oxford education is based on the tutorial system: in it the student meets individually every week with his or her College/Hall tutor in the subject to discuss the student's essay for about an hour. The student may also choose or be encouraged to attend University lectures in any subject. There is a huge range of extracurricular activities in sports, arts, theatre, social clubs, public service, etc. St Edmund Hall, or Teddy Hall as it is known colloquially, traces its origins to the 13th century. It has a reputation for friendliness and incorporates many foreign students amid the British ones. Testimonials by previous Scholarship winners and application procedures are found in UNC's Study Abroad Office in the FEDEX Building and on its website.

"Classes are one-on-one tutorials with a professor, studying the area of your choice, and it was a great opportunity to enhance my reading and ability to craft an argument.  I did tutorials on literary theory, Shakespeare's comedies, political literature 1930 to the present and Romanticism.  Plus, it's a great place to take a garden stroll or have a pint and chat literature in the same place as Lewis Carroll, Tolkien, Erasmus... the list goes on.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an academically-focused study abroad or anyone who wants to focus their writing skills."
- Erin Becker
Class of 2011

Two programs offer specific opportunities for English majors/minors to study abroad.


Summer Program in Oxford

The UNC Honors Summer Program in London and Oxford runs for six weeks from mid-June to late July, the first three centered on UNC's Winston House adjacent to the British Museum, then moving to St Edmund Hall, an Oxford College originating in the 13th century. The "Shakespeare in Performance" course requires attending 9 or 10 plays, mostly by Shakespeare with one or two by playwrights such as Ben Jonson, O'Neill, Pinter, and four papers plus a final exam. Minimum GPA is 3.0 (Students who have previously passed English 225, "Shakespeare,"earn credit for an Honors Course. There is insufficient time for Independent Study courses.) Classes take place four days a week, with free weekends Friday through Sunday which allow individual travel to Scotland, Paris, etc. At St Edmund Hall weekday meals are included in the Program cost. Professor Christopher Armitage has been involved in directing this Program or earlier versions since 1975. He is a graduate of Oxford and since 2013 an Honorary St Edmund Fellow.
For details on costs and enrolling, consult Ms Gina Difino at 919 962-9680 or gina_difino@unc.eduBelow, see a student perspective on the Honors London Program. 
"When you live in the United Kingdom, history simply oozes from everything you glimpse. You are confronted directly with the landscapes and circumstances that inspired the greatest
of all English writers. It is without doubt the most empowering experience you can have as a student of the language...Our program had lots of time built in for travel and I was able to canvass much of the island during my stay—from Brighton, Hastings and Bath, to the Lake District, Wales and Scotland. I can honestly say that my brief visit to Canterbury has inspired me to enroll in a Chaucer class next semester. There's no telling what new literary doors you will decide to open once you've crossed the Atlantic and explored Britain for yourself! Doing so changed my life utterly. I'm already planning many, many return trips and I believe there is no end to what Britain can teach me."
- Cindy Scott
Class of 2011, Multimedia Journalism & English double Major/Geography Minor

UNC-NUS Joint Degree Program in Singapore

UNC undergraduates can spend between 2 and 4 semesters studying in Singpore to acquire a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the National University of Singapore.