Job Placement and Preparation

Becoming a strong job candidate is an incremental process that begins in the first year and culminates in the application and interview process. The timelines page contains a progress guide that outlines yearly goals.

Students currently on the market will find tips on writing job letters, filing recommendations, and creating a teaching portfolio on the Academic Job Search page. Job letters, curriculum vitae, teaching portfolios, and dissertation abstracts of successful applicants are available through the Sample Materials page. Students can learn about current job opportunities through the MLA Job List and The Chronicle of Higher Education. See the Resources for Difference Searches page for links to job lists. Both the online lists and the sample job materials are password-protected. If you are a UNC student or alumnus using professionalization services and would like the passwords, they can be provided for you. A record of jobs obtained by recent graduates can be found at the Job Placement Record page. 

Placement directors meet with job candidates to assist them in putting together their dossiers, hold periodic meetings, organize mock interviews, set up letter-writing and CV workshops, and organize practice job talk sessions for on-campus interviews. To stay updated on Job Placement meetings and resources, join the Job Placement listserv by emailing one of the directors.

Read more information about searching for jobs here.