Sarah Morris Alumni Spotlight


Sarah Morris earned her B.A. from the Department of English and Comparative Literature (2012) and her M.S.L.S from the School of Information and Library Science (2015) at UNC. She is now the Humanities Research and Digital Instruction Librarian at UNC, where she works with faculty and students in American Studies, Religious Studies, and Jewish Studies. As a Comparative Literature major at UNC, Sarah studied Latin and French literature, which gave her the chance to study literature in a variety of contexts and languages. This training taught her to ask questions across disciplines and to think about topics in light of related subjects and ideas. Now as a Research Librarian, she uses this training every day to help students answer complicated questions that might require information that expands beyond the traditional boundaries of their disciplines.


As a student, Sarah was interested in the public humanities and passionate about ensuring that the public has access to questions and conversations about books and the arts. After graduation, she spent a year working with Teach for America. Now, in her work as a librarian, Sarah has the opportunity to work with populations with emerging questions and to help them articulate and refine those questions. For those interested in a path similar to Sarah’s, she highlights the importance of her curricular and extracurricular involvements at UNC. She was especially passionate about her Comparative Literature classes with Dr. Inger Brodey, and she also explored her interests for the public humanities by working with the Literacy Council and with the undergraduate organization Project Literacy. She later returned to UNC to earn her Master of Science in Library Science, which gave her the professional and educational skills she needs as a Research Librarian. You can read more about Sarah here.