María DeGuzmán, Doreen Thierauf, and Lauren Pinkerton Inducted into the Frank Porter Graham Honor Society


On April 2, María DeGuzmán, Doreen Thierauf, and Lauren Pinkerton were inducted into the Frank Porter Graham Honor Society. Founded in 1993, the FPGHS recognizes outstanding service to the University and community by graduate and professional students as well as by faculty and staff. Professor DeGuzmán was cited for her extensive service to the university, including directing Latina/o Studies since 2004, participating in the working group committee for the Carolina Latina/o Collaborative, organizing the UNC Latina/o Cultures Speakers Series, and managing the collaborative team overseeing the UNC Teatro Latina/o Series. Doreen Thierauf, outgoing postdoctoral fellow, and Lauren Pinkerton, fourth-year graduate student, were honored for co-convening the 25th British Women Writers Conference in June 2017 after two years of intense planning. The four-day event attracted more than 200 national and international scholars to campus. Conference proceedings are forthcoming in a special issue of Women's Writing this summer, co-edited by Doreen and Lauren. Both of them have also co-organized the Boundaries of Literature Symposium for CoLEAGS between 2015 and 2017.