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Jenn Williamson Interview Videos

As a UNC alum who has found success outside of academia with an English degree, Jenn Williamson offers helpful advice for English majors seeking a career.

  1. Finding Non-Academic Positions Part 1: Networking
    • Too Many Choices: What Do I Do Now? - 0:25
    • Identifying Potential Job Options: Talk to People! – 0:50
    • Online Job Listings: Federal Government Job Website and - 2:58
    • Looking for a Job That’s a Good “Fit:” How to Network - 3:53


  1. Finding Non-Academic Positions Part 2: Internships
    • Disadvantages of Internships: Seems Like a Step Down? – 0:15
    • Advantages of Internships: One of the Smartest Things You Can Do – 0:35
    • Sampling Jobs and Gaining Experience Through Internships – 0:50
    • Internship as Job-Getting Tool: It’s a Six-Month Job Interview and You Can Rock Their Socks Off! – 1:04


  1. Marketable Skills You Have as a Humanities Student: Thinking Beyond the Obvious Career Paths
    • Identifying and Communicating Your Marketable Skills - 0:14
    • Synthesizing and Communicating Information: “Businesses Need That!” - 1:32
    • Research: You’re Not Just “Good at Hemingway,” You Have Skills that Translate Outside the Classroom – 2:14
    • You May Have Management Skills and Not Know It: Your Expertise in Literature Gives You Empathy and People Skills – 2:57
    • Quantify Your Resumé: Numbers Speak! - 4:09
    • Final Note: English Majors are In Demand for Grant and Technical Writing - 4:54


  1. From a Literature Degree to a Career in International Development



  1. What is the role of a Gender Technical Specialist at an International Development Organization?
    • What does an International Development Organization do? – 0:09
    • What does a Gender Technical Specialist do? –   1:00