Track One: International Literary Studies

Ten courses are required for the major:

(1) Great Books I (CMPL 120, 121, 122, 123, or 124)

(2) Great Books II (CMPL 130, 131, 132, or 133)

(3) Either CMPL 250 or CMPL 251

(4, 5, 6) Three courses in a foreign (or classical) language department (200 level or above). These should be literature courses (broadly construed): we recommend that these all be in the same foreign (or classical) language. It may happen that the most appropriate literature course in the student's chosen foreign (or classical) language is offered only in translation. Only one such course may be counted toward the major.

(7, 8, 9) Three additional CMPL courses  (200 level or above). It may happen that the most appropriate literature course for a student’s comparative interests is offered out of English, Classics, Asian Studies, African, African-American and Diaspora Studies, or any foreign language department or program. Permission for such a course to count toward this part of the requirements requires approval by the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) in CMPL; normally such a course would not be in a student’s primary foreign (or classical) language. A student may also petition the DUS in CMPL to substitute one non-literature course from a related field for one of these elective courses, but must present a compelling rationale for so doing.

(10) The research seminar (CMPL 697).

A Typical Plan of Study

Great Books 1 (choose one among CMPL 120-124)
Great Books 2 (choose one among CMPL 130-133)
Students considering graduate studies in Comparative Literature should begin studying a second foreign language.

Either CMPL 250 or CMPL 251
Complete up to level 4 proficiency in one foreign language
Consider applying for Study Abroad during the junior year.

Meet with the DUS to review progress and plan the final semesters.

Three literature courses in a single foreign (or classical) language.
Three additional CMPL courses (200 level or higher) or an approved alternative (see above).
The research seminar (CMPL 697)