"Comparative Literature promotes the study of intercultural relations that cross national boundaries, multicultural relations within a particular society, and the interactions between literature and other forms of human activity, including the arts, the sciences, philosophy, and cultural artifacts of all kinds."
--The American Comparative Literature Association http://www.acla.org/

If you like reading literature in different languages, would like to pursue a literature and film degree, have a passion for literary theory, or simply enjoy the humanistic side of international studies, this is the place for you.

UNC's Comparative Literature B.A. (Major or Minor) now offers students flexibility to develop creative approaches to international literature and film, while placing a strong emphasis on foreign language learning and training in theory. The CMPL program encourages students to develop rigorous analytic skills, pursue original research, and develop excellent communication skills applicable to a wide range of fields.

In addition, students will leave CMPL with the folllowing achievements:

  • A familiarity with analyzing primary texts of world literature in both historical depth and geographical breadth
  • A familiarity with the concepts and terms of literary theory and the methods of comparative and interdisciplinary analysis
  • Ability to contextualize their analyses within specific cultural and historical settings
  • Ability to work with literary texts in more than one language

The undergraduate majors who have graduated from our program go on to excel in a variety of areas, pursuing successful careers in law, medicine, education, or international business, as well as going on to distinguished programs for graduate degrees in Comparative Literature, such as the University of Michigan and Cornell.

Our undergraduate curriculum offers two separate tracks in the major: students may choose to pursue either the International Studies in Literature track or the Global Film and Literature track for their major in CMPL.

We have a vibrant intellectual community, with an annual international film series, various lecture series (including the Furst Forum), discussion groups, workshops, and independent research opportunities. We have a commitment to study abroad programs, and have been chosen as a partner program by King's College of London. We hope you will come and discover the world of Comparative Literature.

For questions regarding the Undergraduate Program, contact Karon Griffin: karon_griffin@unc.edu