Welcome to Comparative Literature

Comparative Literature at UNC-Chapel Hill (CMPL) builds upon a strong foundation of foreign language learning, to promote the comparison of national literatures in their original languages as well as to enable the study of literary theory and interdisciplinary approaches to literature. CMPL's scope has been international and multicultural, reaching across boundaries of many sorts, including not only national and linguistic boundaries, but also disciplinary and cultural ones.

CMPL exposes students to a number of approaches without exclusive adoption of any one of them. CMPL students consider such issues as: What is literature? What is its relationship to language, philosophy, and religion, to political and social movements, to such arts as painting, music, and film, and to culture generally? How do literary movements originate and find expression across national boundaries? What critical approaches or reading strategies are most appropriate to any given text?

Want to know what current students are saying about Comparative Literature Courses?  Below is a message an instructor received from a recent CMPL 121 undergraduate student:

"I just wanted to send you an email thanking you for awakening my passion for literature...I love to read, I love expressing my ideas in papers, and I love getting to the deeper meanings of literary works.  After recitation today I could barely control my excitment.  I felt refreshed, rejuvenated, and ecstatic about the progression of this course.  Being a science major, I rarely have time to take courses outside my major, but I heard great things about the course.....I just wanted to say thank you for your mind-opening questions, your enthusiasm in class discussions, and your insight."

What Can I Do with a Major in COMPARATIVE LITERATURE?