Departmental News

English major Emily Long (MED/Lit/Culture minor) is prominently featured in article on Undergraduate Research Celebration.  Read the article here
  Janet Hager graduated with a minor in Comparative Literature in 2005. She now practices civil litigation at a small law firm in Rockville, Maryland. Her comparative literature training honed her critical reading and writing skills, which she uses daily in her work as a lawyer. As a lawyer, she has to write daily, and minoring in comparative literature allowed her to feel comfortable... read more
On April 5th, Marina Tsaplina presented  "The Invisible Elephant Project" at UNC. The puppetry performance and workshop was part of Jane Thrailkill and Michele Rivkin-Fish's "Healing in Ethnography and Literature." The team-taught course was made possible by a competitive Dean's grant to support interdisciplinary teaching collaborations. read more
The UNC-KCL Configurations of Empire working group invites all to the screening of Mala Mala (2014).    Mala Mala (2014) Dir. Antonio Santini, Dan Sickles Puerto Rico | USA Screening and discussion A 2014 documentary about the power of transformation told through the eyes of 9 trans-identifying individuals in Puerto Rico.    THURSDAY, April 12 at 7pm... read more
  On April 2, María DeGuzmán, Doreen Thierauf, and Lauren Pinkerton were inducted into the Frank Porter Graham Honor Society. Founded in 1993, the FPGHS recognizes outstanding service to the University and community by graduate and professional students as well as by faculty and staff. Professor DeGuzmán was cited for her extensive service to the university, including directing ... read more
“Sheiks, Sweetbacks, and Harlem Renaissance Sexuality, or the Chauncey Thesis at Twenty-Five”    Refreshments provided!   —    Benjamin Kahan's talk, “Sheiks, Sweetbacks, and Harlem Renaissance Sexuality, or the Chauncey Thesis at Twenty-Five” revisits George Chauncey’s field-defining text Gay New York: Gender, Urban Culture, and the Making of the... read more
Patrick Dowd (class of 2010) will return to UNC on Wednesday, April 4 to discuss an indigenous language book project he directed about the culturally Tibetan region of Ladakh, India, which is located in the western Himalayas. Patrick Dowd graduated from UNC with a double major in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies. He will discuss the book projects and impacts ... read more